Frequently Asked Questions

Is it true that BMW Motorcycles are the ONLY bikes allowed into the shop?

Yes, it is true! We do this because we specialize in BMW Motorcycles. Think of it this way: if your foot was crushed in an accident would you go to a general orthopedic surgeon or would you go to a podiatrist? If you want a REALLY good burger, do you get it from a pizza parlor?

Do you change tires on bikes of brands other than BMW?

Only if you just bring in the wheels. We will not remove the wheels from your bike. Mark the direction of rotation on each wheel and we will be able to take care of you.

Can I buy parts for my other brands at MotoGhost?

We cannot supply factory parts for other brands. However, we have a vast array of aftermarket parts available for most anything in the powersports market including Apparel, Dirt, ATV/UTV, Snowmobile, Watercraft, etc. Just ask us for what you need! One of our customers has a Pinzgauer, and we supplied him with a nice set of off-road lights for it…

My BMW is still under the factory warranty. Can I have it serviced at MotoGhost?

YES! YES! ABSOLUTELY YES! This is a very common misconception. Manufacturer’s warranties cover the repair of defects in materials and/or craftsmanship of factory components on a case-by-case basis. Having a vehicle serviced somewhere other than a “dealership” does not “void” a warranty. It is a federal law.

Can you perform BMW warranty repairs?

Yes, but we won’t, since we would essentially be doing the work for free. A warranty repair is performed by a franchised BMW Dealer, they submit a claim to BMW, and are then reimbursed for the cost of the repair. We cannot submit these claims to BMW, so we cannot be reimbursed. HOWEVER, we can submit a claim to most aftermarket extended warranty companies, so if you have one, feel free to ask us what is covered.

Why are you closed on Mondays?

It is tradition in the motorcycle industry to be open from Tuesday to Saturday. This allows us to be open for our customers on Saturday, and still have a two-day weekend as well.

Would it be better for me to supply the parts when I bring my bike in for service?

With a few exceptions, the answer is NO! We stand behind the parts we sell and have a vast inventory of parts on hand for most service work. THIS INCLUDES TIRES! Before you buy online or anywhere else, check with us. There are a few products that we do not carry, but most of what you need is in stock or can be ordered quickly. Try going to a restaurant for breakfast with your own eggs, and ask them to charge you just for the cooking and remove the cost of the eggs from the bill. Sound silly?

Do I need an appointment for service or can I just drop in?

Generally it is best to schedule a time to bring your bike in for service. If it is a quick oil change or a flat tire we will accommodate you. Calling us on a Friday morning to schedule a major service, new tires and accessory installs to be completed by the weekend is not an emergency. That is poor planning.

What if there is something I would like to have, but you do not have it in stock. How long does it generally take for it to come in?

Genuine BMW parts and accessories take a from a week to 10 days for regular orders, but we can rush them in two to three business days if needed. Most aftermarket items and apparel can be in the store in one or two days from the time of the order.



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