Treating the Soul of Your BMW

If you are looking for a shop that specializes in BMWs and only in BMWs…then you have found what you are looking for. At MotoGhost we provide maintenance and service for your BMW, be it a K, R, G, S or F series. If you are in need of a BRAKE BLEED, TIRE CHANGE, 6K or 12K SERVICE or INSPECTION, a CLUTCH REPLACEMENT or anything else, we will be happy to provide you with quality service.

Did you know that BMW has service interval recommendations based on both MILEAGE and TIME? There are certain things that need service and/or replacement as you put miles on your bike such as valve adjustments and air filter replacements. Other items needing attention such as fluid changes and replacement of rubber components or even coolant are the result of these items degrading over time.

We are happy to provide you with all forms of repair, standard BMW service, and even customization or fabrication. It does not matter if you have a classic such as an R75/5 or a new K1600GTL or GS – we offer all of the standard services available at your local dealer… and then some!!

You likely ride a BMW motorcycle because of its refinement, balance, and obvious quality. People often ask what we can do for them. This all depends on what models you ride. If you ride a classic airhead, we offer everything ranging to adjusting valves to overhaul and restorations. If you ride a newer model you will likely find that when we perform the scheduled maintenance, we give the extra attention to detail that many other service facilities seem in too much of a rush to provide. It is for this reason that all service is provided on an appointment-only basis. We think of your motorcycle as a patient, deserving of the best care possible!

Properly bleeding the brakes on your newer BMW is important to keeping your ABS system in good working order as well as to prevent costly repairs. Since about 2002, most BMW ABS services require special tools to properly evacuate and replenish the brake fluid. We are equipped with all the special tools necessary to properly service your newer BMW.

We often have customers who wish for components to be modified and others ask for more complex services requiring machining and precision fabrication. We have a full machine shop in-house, so if you want something special the only limitation is your imagination.



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